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Which One Is Cool For You? Laptop Vs Ipad


Should I replace my laptop with an iPad ? What is the pros and cons of an iPod or laptop?  we are often asked such question. The answer is simple: maybe. Choosing between a laptop and an iPad  should be based on your usage and needs.

The iPad is not a replacement for a laptop. decide your likes and dislikes,and thet functions that you expect from device. Tablets are good at many things, but their abilities are a subset of a laptop’s. If you are want a small, efficient and smart device, then the iPad is best for you.If you need to type more or to play heavy-duty gaming, and need software and hardware support, go for a laptop.

The iPad vs laptop pros and cons debate  is a never-ending argument. It’s about what type of device is right for the job at hand, which is why plenty of people own a laptop and a tablet..For gaming and entertainment, the iPad is a good choice. But for more productivity and work, a laptop is necessary.

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