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First smartphone with a curved display the galaxy note edge

samsung galaxy note edge phone

Samsung has unveiled the world’s first Smartphone with a curved display Called the Galaxy Note Edge, an edge is what the device could give the company as competition in the Smartphone and phablet space increases.

It’s on the right side of the phone’s front face that a sharp difference appears between the two models. The screen starts to slope downward, falling off toward the edge and wrapping around the side. It’s as if two screens have been connected to each other at an acute angle, but there’s only one display here.

The Edge’s 5.6-inch Quad HD display curves around the right-hand edge of the handset, and it becomes an extra mini-screen or info bar when some apps are in use. It’s certainly enough to differentiate the phone from other smartphones — and the Smartphone market is crowded — though whether it’ll be enough to win over consumers remains to be seen. Neither phone has a price yet, though both will start rolling out in October.

The floating right-to-the-edge display is visually arresting for sure, and unusual enough to generate some buzz. It’s easy to thumb and control, and feels incredibly futuristic.

So far, this seems like Samsung’s best-rendered attempt at a second screen, one that’s just crazy enough and contextual enough to actually work.

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