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Apple iWatch To Enter The Markets Soon


Apple has decide to launch the iWatch soon enough by the end of the year. The product is going to be very popular in terms of health care and even luxury as Apple is hiring people from marketing industries to facilitate the unveiling of iWatch. The latest news from various sources say that this watch is going to have multiple screen sizes and the main device size would be somewhere within 2.5 inches long, similar to the iPod nano model.

Features to expect from iWatch

Apple iWatch has not very clearly stated the designs to the market, but some rumours from the market hint towards the following features.

  1. Display: The display of the iWatch is supposed to be made up of sapphire crystal, which will be both durable and elegant. Moreover apple has signed various deals in which the large amounts of sapphire crystals will be getting used.
  2. Operating System: The operating system will be iOS as in all the Apple products. The system will be dependent on the compatible iOS for various tasks like messages and voice calls. Apple has designed iOS 8 for iWatch and other apple products in line.
  3. Charging and backup: iWatch will be featuring wireless charging and so you can expect better support and backup with the battery.
  4. Health care: The health care in iWatch is addressed by measuring various biometrics like calories, heart rate and even quality of your sleep. So basically the type of watches you could see in futuristic movies is now going to be on your wrists.

The rumours of iWatch first began in December 2012, when few reports quoted the company to be working with Intel in order to create a watch that will have Bluetooth features having OLED display of 1.5 inches. The watch can be used as an integrated device with iPad and iPods. The project has a team of around 100 designers which are working under James Foster, senior director of engineering department.

According to Bloomberg, the features that were under consideration by the team included making calls and even figuring out the identity of incoming calls and counting steps and health biometrics. Recently Apple has hired many new employees for the iWatch; these are under the department of design and sensor experts. This product from the house of apple is expected to be launched in and around October this year; moreover, the feedback from the customers is very enthusiastic and applauding.

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