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Upto How Extent 4G Technology Is Available In India?

4G is the fourth generation of wireless in the field of mobile communications (broadband). This fourth generation technology is used in many organizations in the government sector, public sector and corporate world. Benefits of 4G Virtual presence is giving mobile users a benefit to keep people on event.  A remote database is containing graphical representation […]

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Womens Health – Choosing the right birth control pill

With so many birth control pill options out there, it can be hard to know which is best for you. The very 1st birth control pill was introduced in 1960, and today, more than 60 millon women in the United States, and 100 million women around the world now use birth control pills.It’s easy to […]

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Ebola Virus Disease Signs And Symptoms

Ebola virus began as a handful of cases in Guinea in March but quickly spread to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. Nearly 1,000 people have died and 1,800 have become infected in West Africa. Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) describes Ebola as “one of the world’s most deadly diseases. It is a highly infectious virus that […]

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Popular Game Show News

ASHLAND Area residents will have the chance to play the game when “ The Price is Right Live ” comes to the Paramount Arts Center Thursday. “The Price Is Right Live” is a hit interactive stage game show that gives eligible individuals the chance to win prizes, including appliances, vacations and cars. Classic games from […]

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Thing That Makes You A Good Traveler

We all like to think we’re pretty good tourists as Travel is very much a two-way street. Being a “good” traveler will help you get the most out of relationship and your travels. You’ll be better received by locals, have more close-to-the-ground experiences and you’ll return home having left a better impression of your own […]

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Facebook’s Hidden Facts for Business Marketing Strategies

It is a biggest challenge for online store owners to increase traffic to their ecommerce store. Knowing how to stand out from the thousands of other shops that are competing is a challenge.  So a marketing strategy is necessary for any business. Your marketing strategy purpose should be identified and then communicate the profits of […]

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Will BlackBerry Passport Smartphone Attract Customers?

BlackBerry, a Canadian company today launched the square-shaped Smartphone Passport in India today. The company set its price at Rs 49,990 and will be available for pre-orders on  e-commercial portal Amazon India and at BlackBerry’s retail stores till October 10. BlackBerry has targeted professionals who have heavy typing requirement through Passport. The phone total length […]

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Which One Is Cool For You? Laptop Vs Ipad

Should I replace my laptop with an iPad ? What is the pros and cons of an iPod or laptop?  we are often asked such question. The answer is simple: maybe. Choosing between a laptop and an iPad  should be based on your usage and needs. The iPad is not a replacement for a laptop. […]

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Apple iWatch To Enter The Markets Soon

Apple has decide to launch the iWatch soon enough by the end of the year. The product is going to be very popular in terms of health care and even luxury as Apple is hiring people from marketing industries to facilitate the unveiling of iWatch. The latest news from various sources say that this watch […]

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programmers vs engineers

Programmers vs Engineers

On a train to a large computer convention there was a group of computer engineers and a group of computer programmers. The group of engineers had only ONE ticket for all of them. Each of the programmers had a train ticket. The programmers started laughing, figuring the engineers were going to get caught and thrown […]

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